Django Encrypted Fields

As a Django framework user, I often encounter myself needing to encrypt one or more model fields. Over the years, I’ve used several easy to use encrypted fields projects that provided access to encrypted version of widely used fields such as EncryptedCharField, EncryptedTextField and others.


Rust. Like many developers, I could not pass on the opportunity of learning more about the Rust programming language. As an engineer in the security field, and as a developer that was first introduced to the world of programming through C, Rust’s memory safety features are inspiring.


Ah… the classic hello world blog article. My name is Isaac Elbaz, and I’m a software engineer specializing in application security and data platforms. I currently work for In the realm of application security, you can often find me building modern application security frameworks to empower organizations to protect their data, ranging from modern secret management libraries, application level and field level encryption frameworks, a tooling to support a secure software development lifecycle.